Easy Cook Van Sale Application

Project Case Study: Easy Cook Van Sale Application

Client: Easy Cook

Objective: Easy Cook sought to enhance its field operation efficiency by developing a Van Sale application to manage field employees, track sales, and monitor stock levels in real-time.

Challenge: The main challenge was to create a comprehensive solution that could seamlessly integrate various functionalities such as geo-location tracking, attendance management, shop visit logging, sales tracking, and van stock management, all while being user-friendly for the field employees.

Solution: Datahex developed a robust Van Sale application tailored to meet Easy Cook’s specific needs. This application was designed to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for field employees, enabling them to perform their duties more efficiently and allowing management to have real-time insights into field operations.

Key Features:

  1. Geo-Location Tracking: The application uses GPS technology to track the real-time location of field employees, ensuring efficient route planning and time management.
  2. Attendance Management: Employees can clock in and out directly from the application, providing accurate and hassle-free attendance tracking.
  3. Shop Visit Tracking: The application allows employees to log each shop visit, including time spent and activities performed, ensuring accountability and productivity.
  4. Sales Tracking and Entry: Field employees can easily add sales details during or after each shop visit, allowing for real-time sales tracking and inventory management.
  5. Van Sale Stock Management: The application includes a feature for managing stock levels in the van, enabling employees to update stock information in real-time, ensuring accurate inventory control and replenishment planning.


The Van Sale application developed by Datahex revolutionized Easy Cook’s field operations by providing a seamless, integrated solution for managing field activities. Key outcomes included:

  • Improved operational efficiency and time management among field employees.
  • Enhanced visibility into field operations for management, leading to better decision-making.
  • Increased sales productivity through real-time tracking and management of shop visits and sales activities.
  • Optimized inventory management with real-time van stock updates, reducing stockouts and overstock situations.

Overall, the Van Sale application empowered Easy Cook to achieve higher productivity, better sales outcomes, and more efficient inventory management, setting a new standard for excellence in field operations management.

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